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A pioneering agriculture startup used IoT to help farmers improve yields and reduce expenses

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An all-in-one fertilizer tank monitoring solution for farmers and growers.

Agriculture injector systems draw fertilizer from on-site storage tanks and inject it into water lines, where the mixture is then distributed to crops. It is critical that these systems are carefully monitored to prevent fertilizer waste and crop damage. However, traditional monitoring methods often require physical visits to remote tank sites that can be time consuming and expensive for farmers and growers. 
A pioneering startup in the agricultural sensor industry partnered with Exosite to develop a remote tank monitoring solution to help their customers optimize fertilizer usage, enhance crop yields, and lower costs with:
  • Real-time data on tank levels, temperature, humidity, and frost  
  • Remote data visualization to understand fertilizer usage and identify dispensing issues
  • Text notifications when tanks reach pre-set levels to ensure fertilizer never runs out
  • The ability to export historical data to calculate costs, manage inventory, and predict future expenditures