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Nexense Smart Parking Monitoring

Elevate parking management with Nexense's smart parking solution. Utilizing ExoSense remote monitoring, magnetometer sensors, and LoRaWAN connectivity for real-time occupancy detection. Optimize parking space utilization effortlessly with our wireless, efficient system.


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Hardware Purchasing & Installation

Please contact Nexense to discuss your requirements.

Software Sign Up 

To sign up, click "Sign Up" and follow the steps to deploy a full solution based on Exosite's ExoSense® cloud application.  The software is deployed with a data simulator which helps with configuration and testing prior to hardware installation.


Explore Nexense's cutting-edge solution for parking management, providing seamless real-time monitoring of parking space availability.

Through LoRaWAN connectivity, data is transmitted to the ExoSense, enabling precise identification of vacant spots for optimized utilization. Each parking space is equipped with a magnetometer sensor, detecting vehicle occupancy instantly and transmitting signals via LoRaWAN to the gateway. Featuring built-in batteries, IP67 protection, and the ability to support up to 10 tons, the sensors ensure durability and reliability in any parking environment. Connected to the ExoSense remote monitoring software via LTE, the solution offers unparalleled efficiency. With LoRaWAN's low power consumption and wireless connectivity, Nexense’s solution is the ideal choice for parking lots facing wiring challenges. Users are able to see the parking space availability in real-time from desktop to mobile devices. 




Experience the convenience of real-time parking space availability monitoring across desktop and mobile devices. Elevate your parking management experience effortlessly with Nexense.

Key Features:

  • LoRaWAN Connectivity: Facilitates seamless data transmission to ExoSense for accurate identification of available parking spots.
  • Magnetometer Sensors: Instantly detects vehicle occupancy in each parking space and transmits signals via LoRaWAN to the gateway.
  • Durable Design: Equipped with built-in batteries, IP67 protection, ensuring reliability and longevity in any parking environment.
  • Wireless Solution: Utilizes LoRaWAN technology for low power consumption and wireless connectivity, making it an ideal choice for parking lots facing wiring challenges.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Allows users to easily check parking space availability in real-time from both desktop and mobile devices.

ExoSense features

  • Group and individual geo location
  • Flexible UI panel design 
  • Customizable threshold settings
  • Report export for auditing and compliance
  • Notification
  • Asset management

Hardware Ordering & Installation

To order the system, please contact Nexense.

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