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ExoHome® Building Automation Solution

Macnica's ExoHome® Building Automation Solution is a turn-key solution to monitor and control devices like thermostats, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air filtering  fans, lights, and other the home & building automation equipment.  The solution includes everything from the embedded WiFi module to the end user mobile application. 

ExoHome Pro (ExoHome + ExoSense combination) provides full coverage for building automation applications with maintenance or service commitments.  The native mobile applications ( iOS/Android ) are used by end-users or facility adminstrators, while the "operations center" web interface is used by maintenance and service teams.  The ExoHome Pro solution includes visual analytics, predictive insights, and machine learning capabilities to maximize the value proposition of the connected equipment.


  • CNS 16014 Whitegoods ( TaiSEIA 101, Taiwan Smart Home Products Standard issued by the Taiwan Smart Energy Industry Association  
  • Home & Building Energy Management
  • Home Care
  • Home & Building Security
  • Residential & Commercial Building Automation
  • Other GDPR-Compliant Home or Building Automation Applications

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Hardware Overview 

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