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IoT Easier WT-N630XA Wireless Sensor Node

The WT-N632A is a versatile wireless sensor node with a common interface, ideal for quick and easy deployment in any IoT field. With low power consumption and built-in battery, it can be deployed in different environments and a wide range of scenarios, making it a valuable asset for any IoT project. The wireless interface can support NB-IoT and LTE-M1 technologies, and use the MQTT interface protocol to achieve efficient and reliable communication. The device also supports GPS positioning function. Rich hardware interfaces support RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), 1-Wire, DI/DO and current detection functions.


  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Smart Farming
  • Cold Chain

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To sign up, click "Sign Up" and follow the steps to deploy a full solution based on Exosite's ExoSense® cloud application.  The software is deployed with a data simulator which helps with configuration and testing prior to hardware installation.


Introducing the WT-N632A, a versatile wireless sensor node that is designed to be quick and easy to deploy in any IoT field. Its universal interface makes it ideal for a wide range of scenarios, and it has low power consumption and a built-in battery, which means it can be used in diverse environments.

This wireless sensor node is a valuable asset for any IoT project, and its wireless interface is capable of supporting NB-IoT and LTE-M1 technologies, ensuring efficient and reliable communication. The use of MQTT interface protocol further enhances the communication capability of the device.

The hardware interface of the WT-N632A is rich and supports several functions, including RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), 1-Wire, DI/DO, and current sensing functions. This means that the sensor node can be used in a variety of applications, providing flexibility and versatility for IoT projects.

  1. RS485(MODBUS-RTU) interface: This interface is a serial communication protocol that supports communication over long distances. It is widely used in industrial automation applications, and the MODBUS-RTU protocol is a popular choice for communication between devices in industrial networks. The WT-N632A supports this interface, making it a suitable device for a wide range of industrial IoT applications.
  2. 1-Wire interface: This interface is a serial communication protocol that allows multiple devices to be connected to a single data line. It is commonly used for temperature sensing applications, and it is a simple and cost-effective way to monitor temperature in a variety of environments. The WT-N632A supports the 1-Wire interface, making it an excellent choice for temperature sensing applications.
  3. Current sensing interface: The current sensing interface allows the WT-N632A to measure current in a circuit. This feature is particularly useful in energy monitoring applications, where it is necessary to monitor the current consumption of electrical devices. The WT-N632A supports current sensing, making it a suitable device for energy monitoring applications.
  4. DI/DO interface: The digital input/output (DI/DO) interface is used to control and read the status. It allows the device to read the IO status from devices and control relays or power switch. This interface is commonly used in automation and control applications, making the WT-N632A an excellent choice for these types of applications.

To make setting up device configurations easier, WT-N630XA used IoT Easier's Ezconfig app, which enables you to use your smartphone's NFC interface to configure the device settings. Overall, the WT-N632A wireless sensor node is a great choice for those looking to deploy a reliable and versatile IoT solution. Its ease of use, efficient communication, and rich hardware interface make it an ideal device for a wide range of IoT projects.


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