IoT Readiness in 11 Steps

Avoid costly mistakes with this essential guide to IoT.

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Are you ready to support an IoT initiative?

IoT is evolving the world in exciting ways and has profound implications for businesses if it’s done well. Having the right knowledge from the beginning can help you avoid costly missteps along your IoT journey.
Based on years of experience, we’ve condensed and refined our combined knowledge into this extensive guide that includes eleven vital steps to help your company prepare and accelerate your path to success.
  • How to Understand Your Customer Needs
  • How to Align Your Organization for IoT Success
  • Establish and Develop a Monetization Strategy
  • Determine the Right Data to Collect
  • Identify the System Architecture
  • Decide Where to Build, Buy, or Partner
  • Understand the Costs
  • Strategize a Security Approach
  • Develop a Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Devise Early-Feedback Tactics
  • Support the Final Product