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Modbus Equipment Condition Monitoring with the ICP DAS ExoWISE Modbus AIoT Gateway

The ICP DAS ExoWISE Modbus IoT Gateway is an intelligent IIoT edge controller ideally suited for condition monitoring applications involving Modbus connected equipment and sensors.  It works for retrofits, legacy equipment monitoring, and new installations.  This solution bundle includes a Modbus-ready ExoSense instance and connectivity to the ExoWISE device.  To purchase the ExoWISE hardware, see the Hardware Purchasing Information below.   


  • Retrofit / Legacy Modbus Equipment Monitoring
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Rotating equipment 
  • Water / Wastewater 
  • Solar Energy
  • Gas and Oil

Get Started

Purchasing & Installation

You can find information on purchasing and using the hardware in the guides below.  Hardware / Support

Software Sign-up 

To sign up for this ICP-DAS ExoWISE Modbus Bundle, click "Sign-Up" and follow the steps to deploy a full software solution based on Exosite's ExoSense® application.


The ExoWISE IIoT Edge Controller has support standard for Modbus TCP/RTU and also offers various of I/O Modules for Analog and Digital Signals, Sensors, and Environmental Data Loggers.   If used in conjunction with ICP DAS Modbus sensors and I/O controllers, discovery and data acquisition is automatic.

The ability to use Ethernet and 3G/4G cellular allows for remote applications and those requiring installation without plugging into existing site networking.

Hardware Overview


Hardware Purchasing Information

To purchase the ICP DAS ExoWISE Modbus AIoT Gateway ( WISE-5231M series ) and sensors, contact ICP-DAS


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