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eSol offers a fully turnkey Smart Lift Monitoring System that uses Current Transformer (CT) sensors in conjunction with Exosite's ExoSense software, cellular gateway technology, and usage analytics to provide a predictive maintenance solution for building management, maintenance, and service operatives.

The health of a lift system can be determined by monitoring the current consumption pattern of the infrastructure so as to produce an advanced indication of lift safety and function. The eSol Smart Lift Monitoring System supports the measurement of up to four CTs (e.g. main motor, door, safety, brake), a rotational speed sensor, and a laser distance measurement device. Data collected is transmitted instantly via an LTE gateway so that lift health is known and predicted in real-time.  Operators receive alerts and can drill down via the user-friendly dashboards to view detailed information.

eSol's turnkey approach makes the design and implementation logistics simple so that building operations can continue uninterrupted.

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The eSol Smart Lift Monitoring System provides real-time and predictive lift health status that incorporates data analytics features based on historical usage patterns vs. actual behavior.

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Hardware Overview 

eSol's turnkey approach leverages off the shelf sensors and hardware that have been battle-hardened in similar Smart Lift installations.  Read more in the eSol Smart Lift Monitoring System Datasheet.

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