Enhancing service capabilities.

A world leader in air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions used IoT to enhance technician-related efficiencies and increase service revenue

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A rooftop chiller monitoring solution that blew the competition away.

In the air-conditioning business, commercial rooftop chillers are often sold to customers with add-on service agreements to monitor and maintain the equipment when issues occur. However, for our customer, a high percentage of their customers were buying their equipment but engaging in service contracts with other lower-cost providers.
As a world leader in air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, they partnered with Exosite to develop a remote rooftop chiller monitoring solution to improve the efficiency of their service technicians, increase their service-contract revenue, and generate valuable product data with:
  • Real-time data on chiller temperature, vibration, status, and failure modes
  • Remote data visualization to understand the health of thousands of chillers at a glance
  • Text notifications to alert technicians when chiller metrics reach pre-set thresholds
  • The ability to perform secure provisioning during the manufacturing process, as well as remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates on equipment in the field