Remote Condition Monitoring with the

Digi Connect Sensor+ and ExoSense™

Digi’s Connect Sensor+ is a battery or line powered, weatherproof, cellular gateway that is ideal for remote condition monitoring applications such as water management systems, pumps, motors, and other remote equipment. The Sensor+ supports multiple sensor I/O (4-20mA, Analog 0-10 VDC, Digital, Pulse Counter) and Modbus RTU.

Exosite provides an integration for Dig’s Remote Manager device cloud.  Pairing the Connect Sensor+ with ExoSense enables organizations with a complete monitoring solution.  


  • Water & Wastewater
  • Tanks Monitoring
  • Rotating equipment
  • Remote legacy equipment and machines
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Digital Oil Field

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Start Monitoring Today!

Getting started monitoring your equipment is as easy as this:


Sign-up for ExoSense today, which will automatically install the Digi IoT Connector.


Purchase Digi Connect Sensor+ units and sensors.  Digi's Purchase Page


Sign-up for the Digi Remote Manager device cloud. 


Configure your Digi Remote Manager credentials in your Exosite account.  Integration Guide


Data is now flowing!

Sign Up Today

Monitor Equipment Health

Get real-time status of sensors and equipment status anywhere at any time.  Receive alert notifications to be able to quickly resolve critical issues.

Predict Maintenance & Improve Operational Efficiency

ExoSense provides real-time insights, condition-based alerts, and historical trends that technicians can configure using their  knowledge of unique systems. Support personnel can then better anticipate issues, maintain inventory of critical parts, and perform maintenance before downtime occurs.

Do More With Your Team

ExoSense allows multiple pieces of equipment, systems, and facilities to be monitored from one simple application. As a result, technicians can support a larger number of municipalities remotely, so they can do more, travel less, and lower operational costs. As an added benefit, cloud-based monitoring solutions are significantly simpler and lower cost than SCADA-based systems.


How can we help?

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Project Overview

Contact Exosite to discuss your project.  We can provide more details, demonstrate capabilities, and walk through the next steps.  

Schedule a Demo


Order Hardware

Depending on your application needs, Exosite can provide suggestions for sensors and integration information for the Digi Connect Sensor+.  Exosite offers onboarding and support packages.

Digi Connect Sensor+ Purchasing Page


Setup and Configure ExoSense 

After deploying your ExoSense application, set up the Digi IoT Connector that connects data from Digi's Remote Monitor.  

Integration Guide for the Digi Remote Monitor IoT Connector

ExoSense User Guide