The New Start Line

Performance data goes real time

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Innovation in power performance trackers for elite and competitive cyclists.

Quarq changed the game when new players suddenly crowded a market that was already narrow. With sales slowing and share eroding, Quarq needed to change the game.

Business Results:
Capitalized on a dramatic gap in the sport

For fans, athletes, and commentators.

Defied commoditization; boosted sales & brand value

QuarqNet increased market awareness and positive brand perception, boosted sales of existing power meters, and positioned Quarq to capture an even bigger share of the global power-meter market.

Transformed product line to open new markets

Cloud connectivity elevated Quarq’s product line from simple power meters to a complete power-monitoring system, dramatically expanding market potential. 

Built in-house capabilities without pressure.

Quarq had a goal to eventually build their own cloud infrastructure. Using Exosite’s cloud platform and engineering resources let the company deliver on domain expertise first: an innovative product for elite athletes. 

Introduced an enterprise platform for data discovery

The system acts as a test platform to collect data on Quarq’s engineering units and complete diagnostics on product function in the field.