Modernizing concrete monitoring.

CiDRA Concrete Systems used IoT to bring their industry into the 21st century. 

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A game-changing solution for concrete producers and truck operators.

Given its many critical uses, the quality of concrete is of utmost importance during application. But other concrete-monitoring methods involve a highly manual process that requires on-site technicians to complete.
CiDRA Concrete Systems understood these challenges and developed the SMARThatch™ System, featuring AIRtrac technology, that provides real-time monitoring from batch plant to job site. They partnered with Exosite and HED to develop a connected solution that helps their customers reduce waste, lower costs, and enhance competitiveness with:
  • Real-time data on air content, temperature, drum rotation, and volume  
  • Remote data visualization to identify batch issues, enhance quality, and test mix designs
  • The ability to export historical data, receive notifications, and see fleet-wide data views
  • Over-the-air programming for future field-based software updates