Keeping Your Home Safe

The Genie Company® Introduces
Aladdin Connect™

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Learn how Genie energized their product line and kept competition at bay.

With 61 years as an industry leader, Genie was well-positioned to leverage the Internet of Things with award-winning Aladdin Connect.

Business Results:
Quick-to-market response

Kept competition at bay with new security and control solutions for home automation.

Created value for Genie and distributors

Technology innovations demonstrated commitment to product performance, brand value and distributor demand.

Consumer ease-of-use

Remote Access Control System facilitated easy installation and set up, compatible with most devices.

Extra security and safety

Security has always been a concern of homeowners even in “safe” neighborhoods. The ability to monitor garage door position and activity from any location gives consumers peace-of-mind


One Door Control Module controls up to three doors while one Door Position Sensor is needed per door.