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As a hardware provider or systems integrator, your customers expect a connected experience. Don't lose another deal because you don't offer one.

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With Exosite's Remote Condition Monitoring solution, you'll provide a personalized connected experience without breaking the bank.

Designed to help hardware providers and systems integrators quickly develop end-to-end connected solutions, the Remote Condition Monitoring solution is a ready-to-use application that monitors high-value industrial and commercial assets.
Powered by the Murano platform, the cloud-based Remote Condition Monitoring solution provides functionality to track asset location, monitor asset health and performance, manage groups of assets, and establish hierarchies for control and data access. 
Solution Highlights: 
  1. Enables customization.  
    The Remote Condition Monitoring solution includes the core functionality you need with the flexibility to make it your own. Personalize it to fit your brand, your data, your customers, and your business.
  2. Makes IoT accessible. 
    You’ll experience a more feasible and cost-efficient way to engage in IoT with the Remote Condition Monitoring solution. No huge up-front costs or lengthy development times required.
  3. Empowers your sales force. 
    The Remote Condition Monitoring solution gives your sales team a solid story around IoT. From first mile to last, you'll have an end-to-end solution that's compelling to your customers.  
  4. Enables fast deployment. 
    With the Remote Condition Monitoring solution’s out-of-the-box functionality, you’ll significantly reduce development time and get to market faster. Think weeks, rather than months or years.
And, it's simple to get going. Exosite offers: 
  1. Flexible onboarding packages to get you started
  2. Built-in support plans to keep you up and running
  3. Affordable monthly fees to keep costs low

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Exosite's Remote Monitoring solution.

Exosite's Remote Condition Monitoring solution is the fastest solution on the market for organizations to quickly prove out the business case for IoT. Our customers and partners are building connected-product deployments in a matter of weeks instead of years.”

Matt Negaard
Enterprise Sales Director